How would you use technology to improve medicine & healthcare?

March 14-15, 2020
The Diamond, University of Sheffield
Workrooms 1 & 2, Lecture Theaters 3 & 4


March 2020
The Diamond, University of Sheffield

About this hackathon

There are many problems that plague medicine and healthcare. It is a wonder why these problems still exist, given how crucial health is to everyone here on Earth.

What better way to accelerate the solving of these problems by integrating technology into our radical solutions, while providing a safe, creative environment for people to do so?

HackMed aims to bring together hackers, dreamers, and doers to solve problems related to humanity’s elementary need, health.

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Challenges at HackMed 2020

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Best use of Machine Learning in a medical application using Python or MATLAB. You are open to using any libraries, premade datasets and pretrained architectures.

Upping Your Elvis

450 million people are suffering with mental health problems, right now. 66% of them won’t talk to a human about it as they’re concerned about stigma, but they’re 5 times more likely to talk to a machine. We want you to explore the best application of voice recognition to create an AI version of Talk It Out, our technique that helps people to develop positive mental wellbeing. You are open to use any available voice recognition software.

Urban Flows

The Urban Flows Observatory has access to data from a network of sensors across the city of Sheffield that measure levels of pollutants affecting air quality. While recent studies have linked poor air quality to health issues, there hasn’t been any work done so far to look at how the local air quality information might be used in conjunction with local health data. This challenge is to explore the use of the Observatory’s data alongside health-related information you are aware of or can find.

Pitch In

Pitch In is a suite of projects looking at how the Internet of Things can be used to address issues related to such things as manufacturing, energy production and consumption as well as public health. As a second part to Urban Flows challenge a simple question is being posed, which is: “What additional, distributed, pervasive sensing and monitoring would be useful in the context of gathering evidence of the links been air quality and health?”.

Mentors for 2020

Mentors help to shape the event by providing insight and guidance into different aspects of medicine, healthcare, and technology.

Dennis Wang

Dr. Dennis Wang

University of Sheffield

Lecturer in Bioinformatics, Co-Director of PG Programme in Genomic Medicine at UoS. He has 12 years of experience developing software solutions for biomedical labs and hospitals. Educator of genomics and data science.

Martina Sciola

Martina Sciola

Technical Specialist Engineer at MathWorks

Martina supports teaching and research with MATLAB and Simulink at Universities in UK and Ireland. In 2018 graduated at the University of Sheffield with a PhD on personalised cardiovascular modelling. She also had the opportunity to work as research associate for diagnosis of Pulmonary Hypertension and as research coordinator for an EU project to establish a new centre of excellence of medicine.

Daniel Camilleri

Daniel Camilleri

CEO of Cyberselves Ltd

Daniel is the driving force behind Cyberselves' technologies. His background, from low-level electronics to high-level robotics, allows him to tackle the challenging and universal technology stack that Cyberselves is developing from multiple simultaneous viewpoints. He has developed Animus, a robotics SDK that transitions robotics from a previously hard discipline to one that is more easily learned and applied to real world use cases.

Tzen Szen Toh

Tzen Szen Toh

NHS & University of Sheffield

Academic Foundation Doctor at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Computational Biologist in the lab of Dr. Dennis Wang, and Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield. He is also a co-founder of the MedTech Sheffield society and was the lead organizer of HackMed in 2017 and 2018.

Conor Woolley

Conor Woolley

Healthcare Analyst

Healthcare Analyst at Methods Analytics with a demonstrated history of using data to drive quality improvement within the NHS.

Phil Hornby

Phil Hornby

SOT Consulting

Helps entrepreneurial product teams be successfully based on any years of experience of developing and bringing innovative products to market.

Our Sponsors at HackMed 2020

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UoS societies at HackMed 2020

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Sokratis Kariotis

Lead Organiser


Hanz Tantiangco

Collaborations Lead


Agnieszka Zając

Finance Lead


Thomas Oludhe Ogola

Life Sciences Lead


Hiba Khalidi

Social Lead


Mohamed Atwya

Technical Lead


Joanna Jones

Communications Lead


Bhoomika Gandhi

Inclusions/Wellbeing Lead


Dimitris Boufidis

Media & Publicity Lead

Events Schedule 2020

Subject to change.

Saturday Sunday
0800 - Registration begins 0800 - Breakfast served
0930 - Opening ceremony 0900 - Morning activity
1030 - Hacking starts & Team building 1130 - Hacking stops
1100 - Session: Talk it Out 1200 - Lunch served
1200 - Lunch served 1245 - Demo time!
1300 - Workshop: Machine Learning for Medical Applications 1415 - Demos end
1330 - Workshop: MatLab 1430 - Finalists' presentations
1400 - Workshop: Cyberselves Robot Programming 1520 - Awards
1800 - Dinner served 1530 - Final remarks
2000 - Evening Activity 1545 - The end!
0000 - Late night snack

Prizes 2020 🏆

🥇 First place

🥈 Second place

2nd place will receive Foldable Mini Drone!

🥉 Third place

3rd place will receive Metal Wire Puzzle Set

🏅 Sponsor and partner prizes

Upping Your Elvis is offering Google Home Google Home for the challenge Talk it Out winning team!

SAIS is offering PAPALOOK PA150 Plug and Play USB Webcam for the challenge winning team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what the answer?

1. What is HackMed?

HackMed is a medical hackathon aimed at developing creative solutions to solve problems within medicine and healthcare. It is a student-run event for individuals from various backgrounds interested in the crossroads of life sciences and technology.

Throughout the weekend, hackers at HackMed will have a unique opportunity to learn from each other, build awesome projects together, and share them with other hackers. This will allow a multi-disciplinary mesh of people working on developing solutions to pressing problems within healthcare and medicine.

2. A hacka-what?

A hackathon is commonly described as a programming marathon. It is a 24 or 48 hour event during a weekend where small teams (usually 2-4 people) come together to share ideas, learn new things, and build cool things with others.

3. So, what is a medical hackathon?

Based on the popularity of hackathons being held all around the world, a medical hackathon is a hackathon that is based around the theme of medicine and healthcare. This will challenge hackers to solve critical medical problems by working in small teams, while also having a great time! Hackers will learn, build, and eat together before presenting what they’ve built at the end of a weekend.

4. How much does it cost?

We’re happy to let you know that HackMed is completely free to attend! We’re providing a venue, food, drinks, snacks, WiFi, and hackathon swag! You just need to bring yourself and your enthusiasm.

5. Who can participate?

Any student from anywhere! You need to be a university student (undergraduate or postgraduate) or have left university in the past year.

6. I know nothing about medicine, health, or programming, can I still participate?

Don’t worry! Learning is a huge part of hackathons and you can bet that you’ll learning something new at the end of HackMed. We’re going to have workshops on various topics and we’ll also have mentors available throughout the weekend to help teams out!

So, don’t be afraid! Come with an open mind and heart, learn a lot, build something cool, and have a ton of fun!

7. Can I still participate, even if I’m not a student?

You sure can! We’re on the lookout for sponsors, judges, and mentors in life sciences, tech, academia, and their intersections. If you’re interested, shoot us an email at and we’ll be in touch.

8. How do I register?

Please follow the link on this website to our eventbrite event and register for our event there.

9. I don't have a team, can I still come?

You sure can! Most our attendees come alone or in twos. We will run a team building activity at the start of the day to find you teammates with complementing skills, so you get to build amazing projects together!

10. Does HackMed have a code of conduct?

We sure do! We’re following the MLH Code of Conduct.

11. Where do I sleep?

We’re preparing some lecture theatres so you can get some sleep if you wanted.

12. Does HackMed offer travel reimbursements?

We are currently unable to provide travel reimbursements for the event.

13. What if I have more questions?

Shoot us an email at! :)

Ready to Participate?

We would love to have you! Don't forget to read our Code of Conduct before the event!

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