How would you use technology to improve

medicine & healthcare?

March 10 - 11th, 2018
The Diamond, University of Sheffield


March 10 - 11th, 2018
The Diamond, University of Sheffield

About this hackathon

There are many problems that plague medicine and healthcare. It is a wonder why these problems still exist, given how crucial health is to everyone here on Earth.

What better way to accelerate the solving of these problems by integrating technology into our radical solutions, while providing a safe, creative environment for people to do so?

HackMed aims to bring together hackers, dreamers, and doers to solve problems related to humanity’s elementary need, health.


Your Mentors

Mentors help to shape the event by providing insight and guidance into different aspects of medicine, healthcare, and technology.

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HackMed Organisers


Tzen Szen Toh

Lead Organiser


Pauline Narvas

Operations & Tech Lead


Stefanie Kiew

Finance Lead


Tim Freeman

Life Sciences Lead


Sokratis Kariotis

Computer Science Lead

Events Schedule

Subject to change.

Saturday Sunday
0900 - Registration begins 0000 - Late night snack
1000 - Opening ceremony 0800 - Breakfast served
1030 - Workshop 1 1300 - Hacking stops
1100 - Workshop 2 1330 - Lunch served
1130 - Workshop 3 1415 - Demo time!
1200 - Workshop 4 1515 - Demos end
1230 - Lunch served 1530 - Awards ceremony
1300 - Hacking begins 1545 - Final remarks
1900 - Dinner served 1600 - The end!
2100 - Mini game


And many more coming soon!

More details will be released in early 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what the answer?

1. What is HackMed?

HackMed is a medical hackathon aimed at developing creative solutions to solve problems within medicine and healthcare. It is a student-run event for individuals from various backgrounds interested in the crossroads of life sciences and technology.

Throughout the weekend, hackers at HackMed will have a unique opportunity to learn from each other, build awesome projects together, and share them with other hackers. This will allow a multi-disciplinary mesh of people working on developing solutions to pressing problems within healthcare and medicine.

2. A hacka-what?

A hackathon is commonly described as a programming marathon. It is a 24 or 48 hour event during a weekend where small teams (usually 2-4 people) come together to share ideas, learn new things, and build cool things with others.

3. So, what is a medical hackathon?

Based on the popularity of hackathons being held all around the world, a medical hackathon is a hackathon that is based around the theme of medicine and healthcare. This will challenge hackers to solve critical medical problems by working in small teams, while also having a great time! Hackers will learn, build, and eat together before presenting what they’ve built at the end of a weekend.

4. How much does it cost?

We’re happy to let you know that HackMed is completely free to attend! We’re providing a venue, food, drinks, snacks, WiFi, and hackathon swag! You just need to bring yourself and your enthusiasm.

5. Who can participate?

Any student from anywhere! You need to be a university student (undergraduate or postgraduate) or have left university in the past year.

6. I know nothing about medicine, health, or programming, can I still participate?

Don’t worry! Learning is a huge part of hackathons and you can bet that you’ll learning something new at the end of HackMed. We’re going to have workshops on various topics and we’ll also have mentors available throughout the weekend to help teams out!

So, don’t be afraid! Come with an open mind and heart, learn a lot, build something cool, and have a ton of fun!

7. Can I still participate, even if I’m not a student?

You sure can! We’re on the lookout for sponsors, judges, and mentors in life sciences, tech, academia, and their intersections. If you’re interested, shoot us an email at and we’ll be in touch.

8. How do I register?

We’re accepting hackers based on applications. Once you’ve applied, you’ll be sure to hear about your acceptance by the middle of February 2018 and we’ll give you a ticket by then.

9. Does HackMed have a code of conduct?

We sure do! We’re following the MLH Code of Conduct.

10. Where do I sleep?

We’re preparing some lecture theatres so you can get some sleep if you wanted.

11. Does HackMed offer travel reimbursements?

We are currently unable to provide travel reimbursements for the event.

12. What if I have more questions?

Shoot us an email at! :)

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